Frances Lai

Prospective Pearson sales representative in the San Francisco Bay Area

Why, hello!

I'm a Courseware Portfolio Assistant for Physics & Astronomy on the Pearson Global Product team. Eager to improve the learning experience and gain a thorough understanding of the academic publishing industry, I am a hopeful candidate for the Field Sales Representative role in the South Bay.

Welcome to my Campus Project, the completion of which has not only offered me exposure to working in the field but the opportunity to learn firsthand the needs of teachers and students as well as the complex dynamics at play when educators consider or purchase course materials.

I gathered data from San Jose City College and San Jose State University for my project in order to obtain a comprehensive sample of both a 2-year and 4-year institution. This blog details my Campus Project, from the conception of my strategy to the results of my analysis. It also includes a proposal as to my course of action were I the acting sales rep.

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